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FD Meeting - 06/07/2013.

06/23/2013 15:26 | Bill Loeber

Calling All members,

I just wanted to remind everyone that this Friday 06/07/2013 after the business section of our general meeting we will devote the rest of the meeting to FD matters.  All staffers will be called upon to report to the club the status of the part of FD that they will be overseeing and what else needs to be done.  Our tent captains will be taking the last of the sign ups for operating and logging.  There will also be a presentation on logging on the computer for FD as a review for all of us and to introduce the procedure to our new members.  Also last minute orders will be taken for FD shirts and steaks. 

Together we can make this a great event!


Bill AC8KO  


  • 06/03/2013 01:45 | Deleted user
    1) Finished up a new satellite antenna mount today which allows me to steer the arrow antenna with one hand and while seated, should also keep me on the bird more reliably. I'll bring it Friday to the meeting for show-and-tell.

    2) I think I'll head down to Mecure Park after the breakfast 6/15, there are two SO-50 passes mid day. I have not been to a FD at this park so I'd like to head down there after breakfast, check out the park and see how my new antenna mount works. regarding these passes, my experience has been that a pass that is less than 30 degrees elevation is usually not too productive, these two are 30 and 33 degrees so they are right at the margin of what I consider "useful," I'll certainly give it a try:

    (Elevation is the last numeric, first is Azimuth)

    SO-50 6/15/2013 11:07:01 11:20:33 00:13:32 46.8° 30.0°
    SO-50 6/15/2013 12:47:42 13:01:09 00:13:27 245.4° 33.7°

    Now the FD passes are nice, high passes in the 70 degree range, so they are much easier to work than the lower elevation passes:

    SO-50 6/23/2013 01:15:10 01:29:47 00:14:37 122.5° 73.6°
    SO-50 6/23/2013 09:46:56 10:01:03 00:14:07 58.7° 75.9°

    The only caveat I'd add to these are "easier for me = easier for everyone else" so I fully expect these passes to be VERY CROWDED

    So I plan on Mecure Park following breakfast on the 15th, certainly welcome company if anyone else wants to go
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    • 06/03/2013 02:01 | Bill Loeber
      Sounds Great - I'll be there!!

      Bill AC8KO
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    • 06/04/2013 21:29 | Deleted user
      I have to cancel on the Mecure Park trip on 6/15 as I forgot there is a Fox Hunt, good on all else!
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