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January Member Auction

09/20/2014 10:17 | Jim Baksa (Administrator)

Hams by nature are collectors. (some would say hoarders) We see something in a catalog or online and say “Wow I would really use that!” so we order it up!  Then after it has been delivered, you find that you don’t use that gizmo as much as you thought you would.  Now that gizmo sits next to your rig and has collect the dust of many years.  GOOD NEWS!! The club will be holding an auction this January! Now is your chance to pass on that super useful gizmo to someone else in the club.

The January 2015 meeting will be a member’s auction to benefit the club. John – N8KAM and Jim – KD8HFX will review the items first and see if there are any items that the club as a whole could benefit from. The remaining items will go up for bid in January. To be clear items you bring will be a donation to the club, and proceeds will go to benefit the club. Proceeds of items of significant value (entire stations, radios etc) will be shared with the owner and the club. (Terms to be negotiated with the owner)

Begin collection the items that you would like to pass on to other members. Jim – KD8HFX has agreed to house and catalog the items for the auction. Contact him directly for times and availability for drop off.

73s and Good Bidding!



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