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May Fox Hunt.

06/05/2015 16:41 | Bruce Menning (Administrator)

The Motor City Radio Fox Hunt 2015 season got off to an exciting start On Saturday, May 30th. The fox, Dave KC8ODH and Linda KC8PKY chose a park in Taylor to operate from, which on paper would appear to be a straight forward, relative easy location, however their low power transmission and unexpected propagation patterns seemed to confuse the hunters and cause them to scatter hither and yon. When the dust settled only 2 teams out of 4 managed to home in on the fox’s location. The team of N8MWQ , N8FNC, and AC8KD found them first and with the winning distance of 15.2 miles. The team of K8SB and WB8AFO were the second to arrive and with the second place distance of 17 miles. The other 2 teams, N8TDF, N8SLJ, KB8TOO; and K8HV, JERRY failed to find the fox within the designated time limit.

After the hunt many of the participants resigned to a local restaurant for lunch and swapping of hunting tales.

The next hunt will be on Saturday June 20th.  We meet at Leo's Coney Island at 19230 Fort Street in Riverview at 9:00 a.m. for breakfast. Then at 10:30 a.m. people group up and begin the hunt for the Fox. If you don't have any directional finding equipment, don't worry. There will be someone there that you can ride with. It's sure to be a fun time for all!


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