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New Meeting Location

08/18/2015 13:02 | Bruce Menning (Administrator)

We’ve moved.

Beginning in September the Motor City Radio Club will have a new meeting location.  We will be meeting in the community center of Trinity Lutheran Church in Wyandotte. The address of the church is 465 Oak St. Wyandotte, MI 48192. This is at the southeast corner of Oak and 5th. The community center is not actually in the church building, but rather directly across 5th Street from the church. It is the building they formerly used as their school.


There are a limited number of parking spots along both sides of 5th Street between the church and the community center. There is also a parking lot across Oak Street from the community center. Although only a few of the parking stops along 5th Street are designated as handicapped parking, please be considerate of those members that are mobility challenged, and those who are bringing in equipment and supplies, and if you can please utilize the parking lots across Oak Street.

Building access;

Enter the building through the 5th Street entrance. This door is wheelchair accessible. The room we will be meeting in is on the lower level, on the right, after you go around the corner to the left. There is a handicap lift for those that need it. If you need help operating the lift please ask.

Building etiquette;

The community center has several other users, some have their own rooms, and some using shared rooms like we will be doing. We ask that you respect the other users and refrain from roaming the building. All of the facilities we will be using are on the lower level.


The building is the former church school, but they no longer run a school, so they are trying to justify keeping the building open by turning it into a community center.  They are not just seeing this as us renting a room, but rather as us becoming a part of their community. They are having a car show and open house on September 6th if you would like to check out what they have going on there.


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