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11/01/2011 21:30 | Jim Baksa (Administrator)


Thank you for responding to my e-mail.  

The IEEE is continuing its mission of outreach to students to interest them in Science,
Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through extracurricular activities
that engage their innate interest in the universe around them.  Part of that engagement
is using and building tools that allow them to extend their reach and senses.  

As part of that outreach, we are hoping to help students build small electrical and electronic projects that allow them to learn basic electrical and electronic skills and fundamental theory and practice as well.  Some of these projects will teach component identification, soldering, circuit construction, packaging, power considerations, etc..  In effect, most of the skills needed in amateur radio.  

Along with this experience, we hope to include options for students to see amateur
radio equipment in operation, visit amateur radio stations, visit a field day outing, learn
Morse code and prepare to become 'hams' themselves.  

Skills of the people who will work with the students would be those of almost any one in MCRC who has already taught any of the license classes; working with students, teaching hands on skills, explaining electrical and electronic theory is fundamental and simple language.  

I would expect that most projects would require someone to be the project leader, teacher and guide during a 6 to 8 week period of about 2 hours a week.  
Initial program modules are planned to be based out of the:

Caroline Kennedy Library
24590 George St.
Dearborn Heights, MI 48127
under the direction of Mary Howard, Supervising Librarian.  

By the first of 2012, the library will be equipped with a number of 'Science Experiment Kits' to demonstrate fundamental scientific principles to young students.  Some of these may be adaptable to more advanced intentions, or perhaps would be ideal for initial learning in areas of electronics.  

We intend to step beyond these initial introductory 'experiments' to offer more advanced
projects in radio, radio-astronomy, RF sensing, laser sensing, remote control vehicles,
etc..  the list can go as far as our imagination and manpower will permit.  

The plan is to pair an IEEE member with an amateur for each project or class so that
no one is required to shoulder the entire responsibility for teaching and supervising
alone.  For large projects, or large groups of students, a corresponding larger 'team' of
instructors might be required.  (We are doing this for the first time, and some learning on our part is to be expected as we iron out the 'kinks' and develop the program plan.)  

Note that this is our initial 'pilot' program, based out of a neighborhood library.  We hope
to locate more libraries who's supervising librarian's who would also be in a position
to support programs such as these in their communities and expend the program as
we learn what works.  

I hope to be able to visit MCRC in either November or December and speak to the
membership about this program.  



Kimball Williams N.C.E. / N8FNC


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