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Amateur Radio Hand Informational Packet

02/13/2012 09:46 | Jim Baksa (Administrator)
We've posted a new informational packet about amateur radio in the members link section.  

We are asking assistance from the members to distribute the Introduction to Ham Radio flyer to local public spaces like community centers, churches, sporting good stores, and libraries.  

The goal of this hand out is to introduce the public to the hobby of Amateur radio and build a general interest in the hobby.  

If you are willing to help with this project please follow the following guidelines. 

1.  Please notify the board where you would like to place the flyers.  We will be keeping a list of locations where we have placed flyers and what locations have been contacted.  

2.  Get an O.K. from the board PRIOR to approaching a location.  We don't want to duplicate efforts or have multiple members 'harassing' locations.

3.  Be sure to get approval from the locations management.  Give them a way of contacting the club.

4.  Only distribute the Introduction to Ham Radio flyer.

5.  Let the board know when you are successful in getting our information placed in a location.  

If you have any questions please contact a member of the board.  

Thank you for helping to spread the word of ham radio.  

73.  Jim - KD8HFX

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